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DRESD on the web

Are you looking for more information regarding DRESD? Well you are in the right place!

Here you can find a list of official website and community referring to the DRESD project and a list of references that are not maintained by the DRESD group itself.


iTunes Join DRESD on iTunes!
The video podcasts of the third edition of the 3DDRESD, available on iTunes
DRESD talks and meetings available on iTunes

linkedin Join our DRESD group on LinkedIn and maximize the power of the world's most successful online career tool.
Reasons to join/visit the DRESD LinkedIn group.
Here you can join the DRESD group on LinkedIn. This free networking option is available to all the people involved and interested in the DRESD group research and professional activities. Through our members-only group, you can:
.:: Leverage the power of the DRESD group to connect with people interested in the reconfigurable computing field.
.:: Accelerate your career through referrals from DRESD members.
.:: Limit your Linked In searches to other DRESD group members only, or open it up to all LinkedIn members.

facebook Become part of the DRESD group on Facebook
Reasons to join/visit the DRESD facebook group.
Here you can find and join the DRESD group on facebook. This group does not refer only to research information but it also provides more hints on the DRESD group lifestyle.
You can find out all our pictures, videos and a list of the most important events. On facebook you can also find out our tutorials and demos that are also available at the official DRESD website.

youtube logo DRESD on YouTube
Reasons to visit DRESD on YouTube.
On YouTube you can find out all our videos with the information to include them into your website. You can also see them in the DRESD group on facebook, or, if you want you can download them onto you ipod form the official DRESD website as video podcast.


hipeac HiPEAC Reconfigurable Computing Cluster.

wikipediaLogo The reconfigurable computing page @ WikipediA.

wikipediaLogo The partial re-configuration page @ WikipediA.

The DRESD My Mini City page..