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.:: DRESD: general information and documentation
DRESD on the web: you can find a list of official website and community referring to the DRESD project and also a list of references that are not maintained by the DRESD group itself.
Podcast: all the video and audio podcast realized by the DRESD team
Meeting: reports and presentations of the DRESD regular meetings

.:: Scientific papers
Journals: works accepted to international journals
International conferences: works accepted to international conferences
Books chapters: works published as book chapter
Internal reports: list of internal reports
Thesis: all the thesis works realized in the DRESD project.

.:: DRESD projects documentation and useful materials
DRESD Tutorial and Demo: list of all the available demos and tutorials realized by the DRESD team.
Project documentations: list of all the documents, ordered by year, belonging to the different project developed in DRESD.

.:: Various
Templates: a collection of templates e.g.. Project Presentation, LaTeX Thesis tempalte.
Various: useful public documents